Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Harper Gets "Edumucated", Realizes He Must Raise Taxes To Pay Record $50 Billion Deficit!

The largest deficit in Canadian history.

No idea how to spend money to stimulate the economy.

Sometimes you wonder if angry, staunchly ideological, and generally stupid people will ever "get it"... Then, out of the blue (or perhaps, "out of the blue sweater") their "lead idiot" finally seems to see the light (or perhaps just a glimmer of a ray of light)...

After using their conservative/Conservative/Reform-a-tory (name I coined, by the way, back when the Alliance was "born") ideology to cut, cut, cut taxes (and services, and important programs), it may have finally dawned on the "lead idiot" that tax cuts are NOT a remedy to all the world's problems. That tax cuts reduce the governments ability to help it's citizens. That tax cuts reduce essential services. That taxes pay for schools, highways, bridges, hospitals, etc., etc., etc.

Having thoroughly eroded the economic fabric of Canada, Harper may be ready to step back now... and let the Liberals fix the country. How noble of him.

So... today, Harper tells Canada he intends to raise taxes and admits that the only way (for him) out of the huge deficit he's created, is taxes. Of course Canadians will hue and cry because we were told there was "no structural deficit", then, "this is not a recession", or "this is a good time to invest in stock", etc. Canadians will think about the AGE-OLD MYTH THAT CONSERVATIVES ARE MORE FISCALLY PRUDENT (all the evidence in Canada says "no" - going back through all the years of Confederation), and think, "boy, these Conservatives have really let us down with their over-spending and tax cuts". Canadians will then turn to the party which has always fixed Canada when our economy needed "fixin'".

This may be Harper's wish. He has probably now "seen how it really works". It's pretty easy for a back-room Tory/Reform hack (or grassroots thereof) to stand on their pulpit in rural Alberta/Sask and whine and cry about "Quebec", "the bureaucracy", "the aboriginals", "immigrants", "Ottawa pig-trough", "special interests", "ivory tower intellectuals", or "Eastern Elitists".  Once they actually tried to run the country themselves, they quickly realized that they can't govern without addressing the needs and concerns of ALL CANADIANS. They realized that they can't just write off all of Eastern Canada (or even Quebec and the Atlantic), minorities (the so-called "special interest" they often code-word about), or any other vital part of the country.

They "realized" many of these things, but their hateful, angry, intolerant nature has prevented them from actually DOING anything about it.  They would rather not...  And so, it will be left up to the Liberal Party, to wrest government from the hands of the corrupt, morally (and financially) bankrupt Conservatives,  and right the progress of the good ship Canada.

Yes, SOMEONE will have to rehabilitate the economy, and work on refilling the (empty) coffers of the government - so we can take care of all the jobless Canadians.  SOMEONE will need to fix EI.  SOMEONE will need to show that the government is there for the advancement of the people and the nation - and not just a "branch office" of the nouveau riche, and certain corporate and media forces.

It IS sad that so many Canadians were hoodwinked into the Harper experiment.

Time to bring Canada back!

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