Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ralph Goodale Predicts End Of "Chippy" Conservative Government...

Could an election be too far into the future? Look out Harper-Cons!


A weekly commentary by the Member of Parliament for Wascana

For the week beginning May 4th, 2009


Stephen Harper’s government seems to be past its “best before” date. My goodness they’re chippy lately!

A few days ago, for example, when the Chrysler deal brokered by President Obama was trickling into the public domain, Liberals asked a number of questions in Parliament to get the exact details on the Canadian side of the border. Nothing provocative or rude. Just a straight-forward request for the facts.

But the Conservative reply was a wild tirade of personal abuse and bitter invective.

No information for worried Chrysler workers in Windsor or local auto dealers in communities across Canada (including Saskatchewan). Just childish Conservative accusations about fictitious tax increases that have no basis in reality.

It’s quite pathetic to see a government reduced to such a sorry state – peddling desperate propaganda, apparently believing that if they tell a big enough falsehood loud enough and long enough, some people just might believe it.

Treating Canadians with such contempt is a big Conservative mistake. Because of their excessive partisanship, Mr. Harper and his government are lurching from one bad poll to the next. Their standing with a growing majority of Canadians is steadily dropping.

By contrast, Michael Ignatieff’s rejuvenated Liberals are moving up!

Mr. Ignatieff’s message is one of inclusion, hope and confidence. With every passing day, he’s convincing more and more Canadians that we can build a better country – if we come together (west and east, rural and urban) to tackle ambitious goals, to reach for excellence, and not to settle for mediocrity.

Most people are ready for such a refreshing opportunity to leave behind the weary politics of division and abuse.

Last November, our American neighbours closed the book on George Bush’s sorry era of nasty behaviour. Canadians are increasingly anxious to do the same here.

Mr. Harper’s days are numbered.

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