Friday, May 15, 2009

Liberals Strike Back...?

The frat boys over at Con-Central have launched their latest attack ads...  Cute.

We need to assess the "threat" before we respond.  

To quote Harpo, the lead Reform-a-Tory:  "Make no mistake", attack ads do appeal to at least the least informed and the lowest common denominator in the populace.

Do we roll around in the muck with the Reform-a-tories?  Do we take the proverbial "high road"?  Matching them, stroke for stroke, would equate to being "the same as them" to less informed voters.  Doing nothing risks their messaging getting some traction after months of repetition on radio and TV (I think radio is more effective for what it's worth - and what it costs).  

Expect the Cons to appeal to the people they "like" over the next few months.  Ads will mostly be on "sports radio", "talk radio", and TV sports programs.  

How should we respond?  We need to combine the ad types.  My suggestion:  Run an ad that is a montage of all the hateful and negative things Harper has said (including his anti-Canadian messages).  Then focus on the positive Liberal message in all the rest of the ads.  Get out the famous Canadians who've gone abroad, to support Michael, and show their love for Canada.

Don't have to start right away.  Give it a bit of time...  Not too long.

I trust that our team of strategists are ready for this, and it won't be long before we do indeed strike back.  In the meantime, lets enjoy the media skewering the Conservatives on their latest "masterpieces"...

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