Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CBC Goes Fox On Us... Oh Suhanna!

It was sensationalism at it's best this morning when the CBC Newsworld anchor (Suhanna Marchand? Not sure if that's spelled right) broke a story about a hostage taking at Luther College High School in Regina. The suspect was apprehended by police, with no incident.

Our wonderful anchor - perhaps bucking for a job with Global after the Conservatives shut down the CBC - kept digging and digging for blood or dirty laundry. She kept talking about how it was not yet confirmed if the gun was real, or if shots were fired, or how many suspects there were... It was disgustingly repetitive - a'la CNN or Fox News.

When a Regina Police Service spokesperson arrived on scene, somehow a CBC microphone found them. Suhanna spent almost 5 minutes drilling the poor officer - basically for info regarding why/who/how, and probably most importantly - if there was any blood. The poor officer kept indicating that she had just arrived, and that her priority was the families and students - and securing the area. Suhanna wouldn't shut up. She kept pestering until the spokesperson finally said, "Like I mentioned, I just got here..." Suhanna finally said, "I'm sure you have lots to do... I'll let you go..." or something like that, and got off the phone.

The whole incident looked a little too "Fox News" for me...

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