Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Control Freak Harper Uses RCMP To Block Access To Donna Cadman

The "Control Freak in Chief" - in continued attempts to hide his "ugly warts" and scandals is using tax-payer funded police officers of the RCMP for his own political gain. Yesterday in Surrey, at a rally of campaign workers, Harper's "party security" and RCMP blocked reporters from asking any questions of Donna Cadman as she was whisked away. They didn't care about press credentials, or anything that made it painfully obvious that these were reporters. Ridiculous.

Now the Conservatives are telling the media and Canadians what the news should be (as they have been carefully scripting since taking over Parliament)... Here is WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED - ACCORDING TO CBC:

"Reporters following the prime minister's national tour asked to interview Dona Cadman after a campaign rally in Surrey — a request that Harper aides initially laughed off in apparent disbelief that the media would even bother asking.

They later told reporters to go ahead and try speaking with her at the end of the rally, but when the media pack got too close, the prime minister's staff ordered the RCMP to block journalists from the exit door.

"Keep them out," one aide shouted at the guards.

Cadman and other local candidates, meanwhile, were whisked out the door.

Harper spokesman Kory Teneycke later said he didn't see the exchange involving the RCMP. But he insisted there was no need for local candidates to be interviewed.

"Local candidates' priority is campaigning in their local ridings, and not talking to the national media," said Teneycke."

To add to this scandalous affair the CBC interviewed a former Mountie and security "expert" who said the RCMP were most likely just "doing their job" on the security side, while the appearance it gave was bad... So much for "experts". How many retired RCMP officers would say anything that would cast their old force in a bad or "questionable" light? None. Why would the CBC even contact this person?

What does Mr. Harper have to hide - besides the sexism, racism, homophobia, and anti-choice nature of his party? Well, it appears that a certain Ms. Cadman - who seems to be pretty honest - has once again repeated that there WAS A DEAL to secure Mr. Cadman's vote (which was rejected by Cadman). Ms. Cadman continues to be a Conservative candidate through all this, which has more to do with her "one-issue" agenda - the so-called "law and order" issue.

Surrey is scandalized by the Conservative record on "openness" and "integrity". These guys are a bunch of schiesters. When you ad the "false" apology that Harper and Nina Grewal tried to gloss over - to try to win ethnic voters over - you have a Conservative party with no scrupples, no integrity, no honesty, and no chance of winning over key urban ridings.

Time to toss the bums out!

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