Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Which Conservatives are Anti-Choice? Pretty Much ALL Of Them

Interesting tidbit of iinformation form the Pro-choice action network based on the period before the last federal election.

Conservatives only defense of their anti-choice (against women's right to choose) stance on abortion is "the Liberals are too". Another false drive-by smear... In true numbers the handful of Liberal MPs (some on this list are no longer in office - supplanted by Conservatives in the last election - in their more socially conservative ridings) is infintessimally small. Most of the Conservative MPs are extremely anti-choice, and their base (the people who will drive their decisions IF they score a majority) is even MORE anti-choice. It is pretty clear that a lot of the Conservative MPs who are supposedly "pro-choice" are often "conveniently" so, because they run in an urban riding where the voters are pro-choice. It's probably similar for the tiny handful of Liberal MPs from (mostly) rural/suburban ridings who are anti-choice. If they weren't quiet about the issue, or hinting at being "anti-choice" their rural voters would have them for lunch...

So, without further ado, here is the list. Enjoy!

Anti-Choice Federal MPs

Before the Election After the Election
83 of 297 MPs (28%) 90 of 308 MPs (29%)
59 of 71 Conservatives (83%) 69 of 99 Conservative MPs (70%)*
20 of 168 Liberals (12%) 20 of 135 Liberal MPs (15%)(even less now)
4 Independents (3 former Conservatives) 1 Independent

* Note: Perhaps 5 to 10 Conservative MPs are pro-choice or likely pro-choice. The stance of the rest is uncertain or unknown, but at least some are anti-choice.

Conservative Party of CanadaAnti-choice Incumbents

An asterisk (*) indicates a previous incumbent; the rest are newly elected.

* Jim Abbott * Gurmant Grewal Pierre Poilievre
* Diane Ablonczy Nina Grewal * James Rajotte
Dean Allison * Art Hanger * Scott Reid
* Rob Anders * Richard Harris * John Reynolds
* David L. Anderson * Loyola Hearn * Gerry Ritz
* Leon Benoit Russ Hiebert Andrew Scheer
* Garry Breitkreuz * Jay Hill * Werner Schmidt
Gordon Brown * Howard Hilstrom * Carol Skelton
Colin Carrie * Dale Johnston Joy Smith
* Bill Casey Guy Lauzon * Monte Solberg
* Rick Casson Tom Lukiwski * Kevin Sorenson
* David Chatters Randy Kamp * Darrel Stinson
* Cheryl Gallant * Jason Kenney * Chuck Strahl
* John Cummins Ed Komarnicki * Greg Thompson
* Stockwell Day * James Lunney * Myron Thompson
* Norman Doyle * Rob Merrifield * Vic Toews
* John Duncan * Bob Mills Brad Trost
* Ken Epp * James Moore * Maurice Vellacott
* Brian Fitzpatrick Rob Moore Mark Warawa
* Paul Forseth Rob Nicholson Jeff Watson
* Peter Goldring * Deepak Obhrai * Randy White
Gary Goodyear * Brian Pallister * John Williams
* Jim Gouk * Charlie Penson * Lynne Yelich

Liberal Party — Anti-choice Incumbents (many lost out to Conservatives)

An asterisk (*) indicates a previous incumbent; the rest are newly elected.

* Raymond Bonin * Joe McGuire Alan Tonks
* Joe Comuzzi * Dan McTeague * Rose-Marie Ur
* Mark Eyking * Shawn Murphy Joe Volpe
Albina Guarnieri * Pat O'Brien * Tom Wappel
Jim Karygiannis * Jerry Pickard Borys Wrzesnewskyi
Judi Longfield * Paul Steckle Paul Zed
* Lawrence MacAulay * Paul Szabo

Other — * Chuck Cadman (Independent, formerly Conservative)

***UPDATE: Please check this link for an updated list of MPs:


Oldschool said...

So . . . what you are saying, all Liberals are in favour of killing their offspring, even before they see or know the potential of same??
In the last few decades, we may have aborted the woman who would have cured Cancer. We may have aborted the man who would have led us into the Liberal Utopia (a check in every mailbox). We may have killed the man would have solved the clean energy problem.
I prefer to watch my children grow into productive adults, not assasinate them in the womb.
What's next? Pick out the ones that don't measure up in the playground, or can't quite do grade 1? I remember a group in Germany, in the 30's I believe who though much like you. It's called Social Darwinism . . . survival of the fittest.
You would probably have been the only other vote with Obuma, who voted in the Illinois Legislature to allow babies who survived abortions to die unattended.

WesternGrit said...

Yes! Just the Social Conservative retort I was hoping for. There it is folks. Enjoy. Precious, isn't it? Calling Liberals "social Darwinists"? Only from someone who doesn't quite understand the meaning of the term perhaps? Social Conservatives are the most socially Darwinistic of all conservatives. I recently met (selling something on Craiglist) a social darwinist conservative who was expounding the virtues of Stephen Harper, and the US Republicans. He made reference to "survival of the fittest" several times as he slammed "liberalism" and caring for those who can't help themselves. Somewhere along the way he showed me his firearms carrying permit from the US (he is a dual citizen)...

Survival of the "fittest" (whatever that means in today's world) has always been a rallying cry for social conservatives worldwide. Hitler - a very extreme right winger was a social Darwinist.

Thanks for biting, though...

wilson said...

30% of Conservatives are pro choice. That's the same percentage of Canadians that choose Liberals, and you think that 30% is insignificant?

WesternGrit said...

Actually, Wilson, the story indicates that "maybe" 5 to 10 Conservatives are "pro-choice". We're also talking about a tiny portion of the party's elected officials - who happen to live in urban ridings mostly (so for some it may be a matter of convenience). Also, in a general election 30% is not a bad number, when 40% can give you a so-called "majority" victory... Apples and oranges my friend.

choice joyce said...

Western Grit, I just did a major overhaul of this old list! So, interesting timing. Please see the new list here, at the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada's webpage: