Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harper Says Economy Is Fine. That's His Story & He's Stickin' To It...

Stephen Harper insists the economy is fine.  The "fundamentals" are fine.  Maybe he's not saying "fundamentals"... maybe he means "fundamentalists" - as in his "base" in Alberta?  Harper insists this is the case, even though Jim "now you see the surplus, now you don't" Flaherty is his Finance Minister.  Harper insists this is the case even though the economy that our nation is most painfully tied to (and that his party has tied even closer) has tanked (yeah, that would be our neighbor to the South).  Harper insists this is the case, even when Canadian experts, real estate numbers, comparisons with other G8 countries, and respected institutions (Merril Lynch) say a resounding, collective "no".  

This non-PhD in Economics - from an average university in Calgary, which espouses one particular school of though (a very Republican/US one) - insists all is well.  He may even believe it.  

What's more disturbing:
1) Harper Conservatives allowed lesser restrictions on mortgages, allowing for US-style 0-down, 40-year mortgages, and lower the GST to help even more Canadians assume debt - in the face of a US economic collapse.
2) Even with overwhelming proof of a slowing economy, and burgeoning Canadian debt, Harper and Flaherty decide to actually induce young home buyers on limited (and shrinking) budgets by offering mortgage relief on new home purchases (see election promises from last week)
3) Yesterday Harper Minister Flaherty admits "we overspent"
4) Yesterday Harper continues paddling down a river in Egypt, with his continued cajoling of Canadians from their hard earned dollars - in the face of a real real estate crisis... while still maintaining there is no problem here.

All this happens, as the media smile and play nice guy, with absolutely no tough questions for "Mr. Fiscal Manager"...

God help us!

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