Tuesday, September 30, 2008

From the Conservative "Western Standard"

Here's an excerpt from an editorial in the Conservative Western rag, "The Western Standard".  Long known as the mouthpiece for Harper's Reform movement, this chilling article is just one frightening example of the threat of a Harper majority:

"A Conservative majority government, especially under a strong leader like Prime Minister Harper, offers a chance to transform this country beyond all recognition.  The Liberals have been so successful in this country over the last four decades because they remade it in their own image, right down to the flag.  They put their stamp on every institution in this country – a Maple Leaf-shaped boot stamping down across the Canadian face forever. 

With a strong majority government – one not vulnerable to a confidence vote – the Prime Minister has the power to weather minor storms of public outrage and to use his five years to change this country in ways which will prove both popular and nearly impossible to undo. 

In particular, I recommend that a Conservative government focus on the following:

1) Institutional demolition: The left-wing in this country relies upon government to keep itself running.  The Prime Minister has taken some vital first steps in this area by junking the Court challenges program and cutting funding to radical feminist groups but, with a majority, the best option would be to go much further.

Sell the CBC.  Junk most of the cultural subsides.  Get rid of the human rights Gestapo.  These, in the end, are “stroke of the pen, law of the land” sort of things.  If a Prime Minister with a majority government wishes them, they could be so.

Gut the CRTC.  Indeed, as I recommended before, the Prime Minister should forget his own copyright bill and instead pass the most liberal, progressive, and loose copyright bill in the Western world.  Yeah, that’ll hurt some people – but screw them, they’re not going to vote Tory anyways.

Do too much, rather than too little.  Don’t shift these things around. Burn them down and salt the Earth.  A future Liberal government won’t have the guts, the time, the wherewithal, or the money to recreate them all at once.  Sell the land and the buildings.  Shred the records. Disperse the staff.  It’s easier to destroy than it is to create.  A Tory government on a rampage could destroy in a couple of months what it took four decades to create – and what it would take another forty to recreate."


Western Standard said...

Just to be clear:

The Western Standard was sold, and is under new management. Adam Yoshida is a blogger, who was selected prior to the change in ownership.

The WS is a libertarian/conservative online news outlet.

In this election, we have endorsed Independent Andre Arthur, and were going to endorse NDP candidates Dana Larsen and Kirk Tousaw before they were ousted. We are the exclusive outlet for columns by the Prince of Pot Marc Emery, who supports the NDP, and is the founder of the B.C. Marijuana Party. We have not endorsed a single Conservative Party candidate (but we would endorse Scott Reid).

If you look at the Shotgun blog in more depth, and at the Western Standard in general, you will find that we are critical of the Conservative Party. When Chris Reid was dumped by the Conservative Party, we picked him up as a blogger.

So while we do have a reputation, there have been significant changes.

P.M. Jaworski,
Editor, Western Standard.

WesternGrit said...

The writer is about as Conservative as you can get. I thank you (Western Standard), for indicating the standard to which you hold yourself. Let's hope that "neutrality" is from a moderate viewpoint - and not a conservative one. Most cons seem to think that everything left of them (even the center right) is "commie"...

Thanks for the comment - cheers!