Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Most Useless MPs in "The West" - Laurie Hawn

Try as we might, we have had no luck finding info on her. The Wikipedia entry indicates very little. This person does not exist. Supposedly a retired Lt. Colonel in the Canadian Forces. Very quiet. Even as a Parliamentary Secretary for Defense, we really haven't heard anything from Laurie.

Oh wait... this just in: Laurie is a man. That makes more sense - considering Conservatives usually don't like to vote for women...

Seriously though folks, I have knocked doors in this riding. It is quite densely populated and VERY divided. I had an apartment super scream at us (me, another fellow, and a young lady canvassing), open his window, and threaten us with his howling pitbull (very typical conservative hardcore). There are the VERY poor, and the working poor, along with a strong union contingent. There are some posh homes along the South side of the riding - closer to the River and parks, but for the most part, this riding should be NDP - if people voted according to which party would suit them best. Call it a case of "I wanna vote with the prevailing attitude", or perhaps a "tough guy macho vote is a good one", but somehow enough progressives failed to vote for Anne McClellan in the last election to defeat the Con.

The February day we knocked polls in this riding were VERY cold. Terribly cold. We really battled for every vote. We found that the people who had Con lawn signs were typically not a good knock. Usually the women and children were happy to listen to common sense policy, then an angry voice would scream out of the back room, laced with profanity, and the poor wife or kid would embarrassingly shut the door with a frightened look in their eyes...

This riding could be in play again... We'll need to see.

Until Mr. Hawn actually DOES SOMETHING we will have to leave him on our list of most useless MPs in the West... Just another quiet Conservative back-bencher (Quietest Parliamentary Secretary in the House?).

Okay, this may just be getting a little boring. Nothing to talk about with these backbench Prairie Conservative MPs... What we need is another Maxime Bernier/Julie Cuillard story...

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