Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dion Calls Harper's Lack Of K. Maru Apology Inappropriate

Stephane Dion spoke to a boisterous crowd of between 500 and 1000 in Surrey last night. During several standing ovations Mr. Dion promised a Liberal government would apologize for the Komagata Maru incident on the floor of Parliament... to a rousing ovation from the crowd.

In a purely political stunt Stephen Harper quietly came to Surrey in August and offered a "pseudo-apology" to South Asian Canadians for the Komagata Maru incident (a situation where Canada rejected a shipload of immigrants - who returned to India, with many being imprisoned and killed by British Authorities.). The crowd immediately shouted down Harper and boos echoed through the stadium as Harper quickly left the podium - followed quickly by Nina Grewal (his token brown woman). Community leaders were outraged, and very upset with both Harper and Nina Grewal (who refused to speak or answer questions regarding her feelings on the apology not being given on the floor of the Commons).

Mr. Dion should do well with the South Asian communities - if the press doesn't bury this story, like most others...

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