Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's Go Time!

This may be the most critical campaign in years.  Nothing - nothing in years - can come close to the terror Harper could unleash on unwitting Canadians if he could sneak by with a majority in his "sheep suit".  

Canada is at a vital crossroads.  We have to fear the very real risk of the Americanization of our great land.  Harper, his henchmen, and his Big Oil friends want nothing less than the North American union which would result from the continued weakening of Canadian values and institutions embarked upon by his Neo-Conservative movement.

Whether it is the blind acceptance of American security fear-mongering; the marriage to the American economy (spurring hatred and intolerance of China, and Asia, while focusing on the USA as the sole destination for Canada's foreign trade trips); the "yessir" blanket acceptance of American foreign policy (every time we mirror the US line on some foreign policy issue, we lose the respect of nations worldwide - and more important to some of us - trade and valuable exchanges);  Whichever Conservative initiative it is we look at, the results are the same:  there is a Conservative initiative to destroy our nation as we know it...

Time for Canadians to "stand up" for our land.  Time for a "shift" to a new way of thinking.  A new outlook on life, and a new outlook for this great land.  We need to stand and fight for our healthcare system, our environment, and our sovereignty.

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