Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ah... Gritgirl! I Can See You Now!

GritGirl's latest, right here.

A lot of numbers in the video. Just what do those huge numbers mean to most Canadians?

Conservative Deficit: $81,500,000,000

Average Canadian home price (soon): $200,000

Harper's deficit COULD have bought and built 407,500 new homes!!!

That's the number of homes in ALL of Calgary!

Roughly 1/2 a million homes!!! That COULD have ended homelessness, and STILL kept the Liberal balanced budget numbers of 2005. Imagine the new construction starts! Imagine the construction jobs, jobs, jobs!

Here's another take on it: Entry level homes @ $100,000 per home would net us 1,630,000 new homes for first time buyers!

Our lumber industry would be booming. According to CMHC, at it's peak (2006) our market had 227,000 housing starts. Imagine 1.63 MILLION! That's like 7 years of housing growth!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Um and you would have eliminated an $81 billion deficit how?

You might want to show me the numbers for that before you start making claims like this.

If you kept the GST at 7% that would have saved $12 billion, still a LONG way to go after that, but I've started you out so I look forward to you working out the rest....

Even more important how do you propose we return to surplus now?

It's going to be the central problem the Liberals will have to grapple with when they form government later this year (at that point I bet the 2 year deficit projection will be nearing $100 billion but it will be left to Liberals to clean it up so we better start thinking how)