Friday, March 20, 2009

Minister Of "Anti-Immigration" Rears His Head

Latest news from the "Minister of Non-Immigration" - aka Jason Kenney...

Not really news, however: Conservatives don't want non-English/French speaking immigrants...

And, of course, he chooses Calgary to drop his message - not one of his "curry in a hurry" functions... Ya think they want to keep this news from getting out to those "juicy, plump suburban ridings" in the 905 (Brampton, Mississauga), or the 604/778 (Greater Vancouver)??? Too bad JK... we live in the age of the internet... You can try to dull your words a little when the press accosts you on this, but we know how you really feel, don't we?

All we can say to Kenney right now is: Be prepared to explain to all those immigrant extended families how they can't have their live-in grandparents anymore... You've cut the "family unification" class, and now you're saying bye-bye to older folks who may not have learned the language (but will soon enough on landing)... or the eager young ones who learn the language within months of arriving (or sooner - by the "standard" you've mentioned).

We can't begin to tell you how many South Asian families we know who have grandparents minding the home and taking care of the children - even preparing meals - while the other adults work up to 3 jobs that most Canadians wouldn't want. Since your government doesn't provide a daycare program, these inventive immigrant familes take that "burden" off you. This is how you repay them?

Too bad you run in "protected" Calgary SE, where one can basically fit all the non-white immigrants into a small community hall...

Here's the Canadian Press Story:

March 20, 2009

"MP wants Canada to get tough on immigrants

Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says immigrants who can't speak English or French well enough should be denied citizenship. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

CALGARY - Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says immigrants who can't speak English or French well enough should be denied citizenship.

Kenney told an immigration conference in Calgary that more efforts need to be made to integrate individuals coming to Canada. He said newcomers should be required to have a working knowledge of either official language.

Kenney said rules are already in place and free language training is made available to new immigrants so there is no excuse."


So... what about the millions who learned English SINCE they got here? Obviously Conservatives don't speak with (or consult) immigrants much - except to try to grab votes.

Jason Kenney should resign. Join the Facebook Group:

Jason Kenney Should Resign

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foottothefire said...

Kenney represents democracy at it's most unsuccessful; ignorant, prejudiced, unqualified achieving political stardom. And all it takes is to not show up at the polls.