Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jason Kenney Re-appears...

We were wondering where Jason Kenney was....  He hasn't resigned for his hurtful comments yet.  

Now we know.  He was busily plotting his next move as "Minister of Not-So-Much-Tolerance"...

Today we hear that he's appointed someone with quite an "un-accepting" background to an important refugee board post.

It's almost Orwelian...  Well, actually it IS.  The Ministry of Immigration is slowly becoming the "Ministry of Non-Immigration"...  What better way to destroy a concept Conservatives abhor (Multiculturalism), than to take it apart from the inside.  Now they get a "two-for":  they can control the number of immigrants getting in, AND the number of gay people.  Before the recession and slump in the oil industry they ALMOST succeeded, by pushing "skilled labor" immigration (which mostly came from European nations)...  I guess if that couldn't be accomplished, this is the next step for them?

The wonders of this government never cease, do they???

We'll re-iterate our thoughts:  Jason Kenney Should Resign.

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