Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conservatives And Our National Symbols

What is it with Conservatives and our national symbols? Why do they hate them so much? Is it because Harper says we're a Northern European Welfare State? Is it because Harper seems to be ashamed to be Canadian?

Go back a few years:

Canadian Symbol #1:

- Diefenbaker's Conservatives kill the Avro Arrow

Canadian Symbol #2:

- Conservatives fight to oppose the adoption of the maple leaf as our national flag (and they were B-I-T-T-E-R)

Canadian Symbol #3:

- Sovereignty. Mulroney's Conservatives entered into a non-reversible Free Trade Deal, and inextricably linked us economically and militarily with the US. It will be VERY difficult for us to reassert our sovereignty.

Canadian Symbol #4:

- Parliament (where to begin? Senate, H of C?). Since their "conception" as the Reform Party, Canada's Conservative Party has been trying to destroy the institutions of our Westminister Parliamentary System - whether it be the rule of majority, or the decorum (hell, they actually were the first party - and only party - to create a book on how to disrupt Parliament), or the Senate. They just don't like any of it.

Canadian Symbol #5:

- Pay Equity for Women. Harper's Conservatives have been doing everything they can to destroy Canada's pay equity laws, and our long-standing tradition (begun in the Trudeau era) of equal opportunity for all.

Canadian Symbol #6:

- Multiculturalism. Harper's Reform-a-tories NEVER believed in multiculturalism, and today they are doing everything to destroy it - including implanting a "5th columnist" as Minister...

Canadian Symbol #7:

- Canadian Wheat Board. This is something Reformers have been railing about since the late 80s. Finally, now, they are beginning to insidiously take it apart, bit by bit, hoping Canada won't notice... in typical Conservative fashion...

Canadian Symbol #8:

- Canada Geese. This national treasure is now in the gun-sights (quite literally) of the Conservatives... What next? The beaver? The moose? Musk-ox? The Loon?

Canadian Symbol #9:

- The CBC. Canada's national network. The only network providing fair and unbiased reporting on national issues, and providing equal access to ALL parts of Canada - including the North. This network helps bridge the gap between East/West, North/South, French/English. It is a nation-builder in itself. Today, we hear Harper's Conservatives have made major cuts resulting in 800 job losses at CBC... in a deliberate attempt to slowly bleed the network to death... Shame.

Where will it stop? It seems we've come "full circle" from the 1993 election campaign. Back then, the Reformers were busy tearing down all these proud Canadian Institutions... Perhaps this is a last ditch effort to "re-activate" their militant base. At any rate, it must be stopped - at all costs...

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Constant Vigilance said...

What gets me is that if they hate government so much why are they in politics? If they hate Canada so much why dont' they leave?

They all need a lot of therapy.

penlan said...

"Canadian Symbol #6:

- Multiculturalism. Harper's Reform-a-tories NEVER believed in multiculturalism, and today they are doing everything to destroy it - including implanting a "5th columnist" as Minister..."

What is a "5th columnist" as Minister..."? I don't know what you're referring to.

Wonder how long it will take before they change our flag colour to BLUE & white.

WesternGrit said...

From Wikipedia:
A fifth column is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group, such as a nation, to which it is regarded as being loyal.

In this case, the "group" are Conservative Ministers bent upon creating a "Canada we won't recognize"... just like Harper wants.

Oh yeah... they don't like the red maple leaf at all... I remember some Reformer friends (yeah, I have those - fairly highly placed ones too... lol..) joking about the flag and how it was a Liberal machination... Only in Calgary... tsk... tsk...

penlan said...

Thanks for the answer & the info. :)

WesternGrit said...

No worries... Cheers.