Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Government About Nothing" Stumbles Along...

Who is this Darryl Kramp loser? Apparently another hyperpartisan backbench Harper parrot... He's said some stupid things in the Commons before, but now he's joined the handful of other Reform-a-Tories in lowering the decorum in the House.

I fully expect the "Sub-Prime Minister" to step forward in a few days and accuse "the Opposition" of holding up the business of the House... Isn't that what the Hypocrite Party of Canada (aka the Reform-a-Tories) usually do?

So Kramp (a fitting name indeed) wants to use his precious time in the House of Commons to make personal attacks against other MPs... rather than help Canadians...? Last we heard there was a horrible depression going on, and hundreds of thousands of Canucks out of work.

I suppose, for Reform-a-tories, partisan "gutter politics" is higher on the list than Canadians' jobs... For shame.

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