Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Harper Ready To Step Down (Or Lose - Whichever Comes First)

He was always the "reluctant leader" - or so say his "friends" (not sure if he really has these, but, I digress)...  

You can see it now...  First the sorry attempt at a majority.  Denied that, the tyrant decided a tantrum was the best way about it... Bait a weak opposition leader, and hope for another election... We know how that went.

Now, the media has started to be forced to speak some truths... to report at least some of Harper's (and his caucus') warts.  Harper doesn't look so strong, so "calculating", so cerebral, so... um... err... unbeatable anymore.  He's being exposed for the shallow, hyper-partisan, angry rhetorical right wing vision he adores...  His party is secretly working against him (in Calgary, in his Ottawa caucus, and, of course, in Ontario).  

Is the end near?  Only time will tell.  But the signs... they say a lot:

The revisionist history... Harper and much of his inner circle - his "bunker buddies" - are busily recreating historical facts to change Harper's "views" and "opinions" on everything from the economy, to the war we are currently immersed in.  Is Harper trying to build a "legacy"?  Does he want people to write that he started Canada's real "action" on the environment?  That he helped the North more than any other PM?  That he was responsible for the economic recovery of the Western World - thanks to the great position our banks are in (not acknowledging that Paul Martin and Jean Chretien were the architects of that success - although he did hint at this in his US tour)?  

The War in Afghanistan is "not winnable"?  Where the heck did THAT come from?  A Conservative's mouth?  Stephen HARPER'S mouth?  Gives the two words "Harper's Bizarre" a whole new meaning, doesn't it?  

What about the US Tour?  Is there any reason?  There aren't any votes down there.  I think the back room thinks that every Canadian Conservative watches Fox News religiously.  I may be right about the religion - and the news... who knows?  Maybe his base in Canada is hanging on his every word... sounding just like "Mr. Conservative".  Maybe this jives with what they tell their base: "Steve's just posing for the liberal Canadian media.  Don't worry, he's still one of us".  

There could be something else.  Seems like Stevo is lining up speaking engagements.  Harper's going to be a rich m-n-f'er...  You heard me.  This arrogant, pompous prick will be the darling of the NeoCon world fairly soon.  You see, John Howard is way down there in Aus.  Dubya is a joke - and the world knows it - even his PENAC saw him as a "patsy".  He's good for light comedy at best.  Harper, on the other hand, becomes the "golden boy" of the right.  He can be the greatest cheerleader for the "next" Republican President.  

Harper stands to make more in one month on the US speaking tour, than he did in his whole life as a Canadian PM.  The man who could never be a real PM of a majority of Canadians will go on to make his fortune on the speaking circuit.  

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