Monday, March 02, 2009

Hypocrite Harper...

"The fundamentals of the economy are strong" (November 2008).  Now he's basically saying: "... No wait!"(Dec 2008, Jan 2008, etc.)

"We must support our troops... Let's get to Afghanistan..." (similar to statements last year)  "An un-winnable situation". "No wins against the insurgency". (yesterday)

Wonder how "the troops" feel "supported" when you basically tell them they can't win?  Will their minds be "on target"?  Will they be thinking, "what am I doing here?"  Yeah Steve - great job on the "support the troops" front.  And announcing to the whole World that the war is "un-winnable"?  That must be appreciated by our allies.  With Obama ready to commit more troops, the US must have been really pleased by your "informed" (and 3 years too late) observation.  Way to support the troops Stevie boy!

Ah... "integrity and accountability" at it's finest.

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