Monday, March 02, 2009

Ralph Goodale Discusses "Prime Minister Bungles"

Received another great email update from Ralph Goodale today... Well worth a read:


For a few weeks this winter, Stephen Harper was trying to be nice.

At risk of being thrown out of office, he stopped behaving like a bully (for awhile) and turned the attention of his precarious government to finding some help for those vulnerable Canadians who are hard hit by a nasty economic recession.

But last week, Mr. Harper returned to his old form – arrogant and thuggish. In speeches in Vancouver and Saskatoon, he was again threatening to call a snap election if Opposition M.P.’s asked to look too closely at his spending plans.

Mr. Harper is demanding approval in advance – with no information and no limitations – for $3 billion in Conservative spending between April and June.

He claims this spending will counteract the recession, but he “doesn’t have time” to tell Parliament what it’s for. This is absolutely unprecedented and outrageous.

If urgency is the issue, Mr. Harper has only himself to blame.

It was Stephen Harper who wasted all last fall on a totally unnecessary election.

He was the one who failed to produce a timely budget last November, and instead tabled a disastrous “Economic Update” which falsely claimed four more years of surpluses.

He was the one who suspended Parliament in December, padlocking the House of Commons instead of launching measures necessary to fight the recession.

For Stephen Harper to say now that he’s suddenly “in a hurry” is sheer hypocrisy.

The Official Opposition has not delayed, and will not delay, any genuine help for hurting Canadians. But we will demand complete accountability and transparency from a government that simply cannot be trusted with any blank cheques.

Remember, this is the gang that inherited a $13 billion surplus and quickly turned it into a $35 billion deficit.

“Harper” and “trust” are two words that don’t fit easily together.

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