Monday, March 30, 2009

“And you Jason Kenney, are no Alexander the Great!”

More like "Jason The Not-So-Great"...

Just what IS it about Jason Kenney that attracts the scorn of much of the civilized world?

Is it his insulting of certain groups of South Asians, or his PATRONIZING and pathetic attempts at "currying favor" (pun intended in Kenney's case) with that community? You know how it goes: Conservative MP: "We like you, we need you, we love you... Immigration this, immigration that... blah, blah, blah..." Then - when actual policy is made: "Sorry South Asian immigrants, we're going to axe your favorite class of immigration - Family Reunification..." You can only say, "we like you, we need you" so much, then throw the proverbial shoe at the group with your actual policy. Kenney is lucky that there are pockets of people within the community who may not have a very clear understanding of politics in Canada - much less the ideology behind each party and what the members of that party really think of them...

Is it his verbal shots? "Minister of Curry In a Hurry". Sorry South Asians, you won't be getting a Komagata Maru apology on the floor of the Commons like you asked for (and like we feigned asquiescence to), instead I'll just say, "that's your apology", and "you people are factioned" (admitting that all you're doing is playing one faction against the other).

Is it his "UnParliamentary Procedure"?

Is it his rabid reactionary Conservatism, which is preventing an outspoken British MP from entering our country? Hear all about the British MP's speech lambasting Kenney HERE.

Is it the lie that goes with the above point (ie: that the MP is a "security threat" to Canada, when he's just spoken in the USA - a nation that used to be far more paranoid about it's security back in the Bush Era. Guess Canada is still living in the Bush Era, with our Bush Era PM)?

Darryl Raymaker has a great post about what Kenney might be up to... worth a read...

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Ted said...

"And you Jason Kenney, are no Alexander the Great"

More like "Jason Alexander", if you ask me.