Monday, June 15, 2009

Check... And Mate?

(Any references to "mating" are purely for Liberal ears, as we know how conservatives feel about mating...).

Mr. Ignatieff's move today was perfect.  Just what we had to do.  The ball MUST be put in Harper's court, as the focus MUST be put back on him.

Some Conservatives will claim that this offers Harper a "podium".  Yes it does... And we know what he does with podiums.  He's a "f up".  He'll either look contrived, robotic, and plastic (ie: fake), or he'll look like the angry partisan jerk that he is.  I believe the latter will be true.

Oh yeah - one more key, KEY, point:  Mr. Ignatieff gets to respond to Harper's "answer".  THAT, my friends, will determine the course of the battle lines drawn this summer.

Some pundits are saying Mr. Ignatieff won't "go" right now.  Michael, however, is doing his best "Just watch me"...

It's a beautiful day!

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kursk said...

You are delusional if you think the ball is in Harper's court.

The Conservatives will tinker with EI but not go to 360 hrs.Harper has stated this.

On the stimulus, which is it? Bash Harper because he won't spend enough (November) or bash him now for going into deficit?

If Ignatieff was concerned about stimulus flowing, why vote against it and delay it for an election that will cost tens of millions in a recession..?

The Liberals will pay dearly if they force Canadians to go to the polls this summer.

Anonymous said...

Ball back in your court. Vote for the stimulus projects or oppose them on Friday. An election is up to the opposition.

Geordie Tom said...

Only a Liberal would find pleasure in this Dionastic about face. What a hero!

ridenrain said...

It's nothing more than a sidestep.
Ignatieff made this whole production of putting them "on probation" but now he's stalling when he needs to either fish or cut bait.
Average Canadians are hardly going to be convinced that the EI changes would have made a difference or that the Liberals would have been able to fund projects faster, especially when their election has put them a further 3 months behind.

wilson said...

EI reform question was asked and answered in QP:
campaign promise to allow self employed to contribute/receive EI this fall.

Isotope question asked an answered in QP:
Canada at 75%, Australia deal today, adhoc committee has been in place since 2007 to manage the isotope shortage, children are top of list because no alternative available.

2 down , 2 to go.

penlan said...

Harper looked sneaky in his presser today - along with his sneaky, twisted words. He answered none of Ignatieff's questions & has no intention of doing so. Now what? Harper makes deal with Layton?

Mark McLaughlin said...

You're post is akin to Kinsella's equally self-inflating "Perfect" post withthe dog collar picture after the on probation thing. It hardly seems so tough now.

Paul Well's puts it simply. "Off Probation" Iggy's trying to do his best with what is a pretty impossible position. He's going to back down because Harper can pretty much answer these questions in any number of reasonable ways and satisfy the intent of the demand.

There is no "My way or the highway" line in the sand.

"You tell is what you want to do with EI, and we're good with that. Thanks for letting us know."

To justify matching towards an election at the end of the week, Iggy will have to come out and say "I know I got the answers to my questions, but they just weren't good enough." Pretty weak.

Enjoy your BBQ. We are no going anywhere. If you end up getting an extended spring session to deal with some of these things it just makes it easier for Harper to keep the house on break until the new year.

Then the Olympics. We will be in no mood then for this nonsense.

WesternGrit said...

Kursk... You, and seemingly a "few" others miss the key point on the so-called "stimulus":

Harper's been talking about the stimulus since January. LESS THAN 10% of the money is "out the door". What gives? Why is Harper lying to Canadians. Every time he thinks he's going to lose confidence of Parliament he trots out the same old dead horse: support us or you won't get stimulus.

Reminds me of being promised ice cream when I was little... but it never came. The key is that stimulus funding IS NOT getting out, and that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OPPOSITION. What Iggy and the Liberals are CLEARLY saying is, "excuse me Steve - what the f are you doing anyway?"

Harper has lied to Canadians for months because he has no idea how to ACTUALLY stimulate an economy. His caucus are a bunch of uneducated hacks who have nothing compared to the talent in the Liberal Party. It goes without saying - the media even accepts that as fact.