Friday, June 26, 2009

Error In Facts, Or Imitating Conservative Strategy?

We at WesternGrit like to ensure that we have all the facts before one of us posts a comment or link.  Yesterday, a post appeared that one of us either erroneously, or purposely contributed to an incorrect source.  This was certainly taken the wrong way, and for that we apologize (do we sound like Harper yet?)...  

Yes, we're apologizing for people taking the partisan shot the "wrong way".  That post may have been an experiment in what the reaction would be to the standard "imaginary accusations" shot across the floor of Parliament by your local Conservative MP.  You know: lie, conceal, fabricate.

For some who were concerned, we would think you would be more concerned about the billions$$$ taken from Canadian seniors via the Income Trust lie.  

For those of you who commented about our partisanship...  Go debauch yourselves.  We won't be apologizing for that fact that all of us are true red Grits, and that our blog is called WesternGrit.  If you're looking for "neutral" blogs, you shouldn't be anonymously trolling "LiBlogs".  Besides, the general negativity to all things extreme right, or left is something we are very proud of at WesternGrit - we being strongly "centrist" as a group.


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