Monday, June 08, 2009

Nuclear Reactor Problems "Sexy" According To Conservatives


We got it.

Making it up as they go along: While trying to convince a driver of distorted lies about Canada's bankers...


Later in her conversation with Ms. MacDonnell, Ms. Raitt tells the man driving them around Victoria that Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff had backed down from defeating the Conservative government on a budget a few days earlier because he got a message from Canadian bankers.

“They did it at the Canadian Council of (Chief) Executives, there was three presidents of major banks who stood up in the room — and this is not from cabinet so I can talk about it — stood up and said, ‘Ignatieff, don’t you even think about bringing us to an election,’” said Ms. Raitt.

“'We don’t need this. We have no interest in this. And we will never fund your party again.’ That was very powerful. So he heard it from very powerful people in the industry. He was definitely muzzled.”

Liberal finance critic John McCallum, who was present for the closed-door Jan. 20 meeting with about 100 executives, says they were against the coalition and an election, but there was “not even a hint of a veiled threat,” and bankers would never make such a threat in a meeting with so many people present.

“That’s absolutely ridiculous,” he said. “Can you imagine a bank president standing up in a room like that with more than 100 people in the room and saying something like that? It makes no sense.”

This further highlights how terrified they are of an election, and how much of a Dictator Harper is. Can you imagine a less talented cabinet? Only in Mike Harris' Ontario...

This is a gem:

Elsewhere on the recording, Ms. Raitt suggests that Manitoba Conservative MP Joy Smith could pay for her decision to introduce a private member’s bill that would impose mandatory minimum sentences for trafficking in children.

She starts by lamenting that she can’t go to Hy’s, an Ottawa watering hole favoured by journalists and politicians.“I don’t do the Hy’s thing,” she says. “I can’t. I’d love to, but I can’t. That’ll be a career-limiting move, as we would say. Speaking of career-limiting moves, I’m in shock that that MP Joy Smith brought forward private member’s legislation on human trafficking.”

“I didn’t see that,” says Ms. MacDonnell.

“She’s on Canada AM. And the reason being is that there’s no way any of us should be introducing anything around justice issues or finance issues right now. You just can’t touch those two things.”

The implication is that the Prime Minister’s Office would be displeased with Ms. Smith for putting forward legislation that interferes with the government’s own law-and-order agenda.


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Anonymous said...

The Conservatives are a bunch of amateurs.

Looking the medical isotope crisis and cancer as a sexy issue to win votes on is disgusting.