Friday, June 05, 2009

"Tough On Crime" - Hardly - While The Economy Burns...

Can't say I don't support the Liberal "strategic move" to "back seat" the crime issue.  

... Meanwhile we've hit an 11 year high in unemployment under Harper... Sense a "turning of the channel" anyone?  Let's keep our minds on the prize...

There IS an election coming - FAST - and it will be on the abilities (or lack of) and incompetence of the Harper Conservatives.

While we don't like (okay... I'm holding my nose right now) the empty sabre-rattling of the Conservatives on crime (we know these so-called tougher measures never work - and have been proven useless scientifically), we do have an out.  That would be winning the upcoming election.

Things will be "fixed" when we are making the laws.  We can almost guarantee it.  This issue is simply being neutralized.  I know of very few Liberal MPs who actually would ever have supported such a measure.  

We are FOCUSED on something quite different.  The Crime issue was one of the FEW that plays well for Cons with "Joe Public".  Let this one pass under the bridge.  We will fight them on "the Economy stupid": on EI; on gas prices going through the roof (coming soon to a pump near you); on the lack of this government doing ANYTHING substantive on the current economic morass...

Let Harper play to his base (by our neutralizing the issue, that's all he has)...  We'll just turn it back when we have a Liberal Justice Minister.

Don't worry our "intellectually honest" little heads on this one.  It will change.

Meanwhile, unemployment has hit an 11 year high under Harper.  8.4%.

Top news story today.  This is hitting home with Canadians in Ontario and Quebec.  There's something to talk about.  

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The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry, WG, but there seems to be a momentum building among traditional LPC supporters coming to recognize that there's almost nothing Liberal in the current leader.

In his quest to help Harper move Canada's political centre far to the right, Iggy has driven out a lot of the critical centre and centre-left Libs without which this party will be lucky, very lucky to eek out a minority - if and only if Harper continues to so grossly mismanage the economy.

Whether it's Gaza, the Tar Sands, the budget or, now, mandatory minumum sentencing, Iggy has always managed to place himself on the non-Liberal side of the issue.

Anonymous said...

There won't be an election until Fall of 2010. Too many of the opposition in the NDP/Bloc are about 1 year shy of their pensions. Keep huffin' and puffin'. Useless...

Anonymous said...

If the Liberal party would actually throw a simple policy like decriminalization back on the platform again, we can maybe have this discussion. The fact is, last election it WAS NOT on the platform and the anger already began brewing.

You can't give us assurances like this and expect us to volunteer unless there is at least some bone thrown to the grassroots on this. There has to be SOME indication from the leader that he wants to move in the other direction.

Seriously, this is getting bad and my party membership is in jeopardy over this.