Monday, June 08, 2009

Conservative Incompetence

With a history of NEVER getting it right, just why - oh, why - are Conservatives considered "competent fiscal managers"? Not only in Canada - but in our closest cousins (UK/US) - NeoCons (modern Conservatives) have consistently screwed up the economy.

It seems they are critical about "tax and spend liberals" because they don't like our KIND of spending:

Conservatives prefer tax cuts to spending on health care

Conservatives prefer tax cuts to spending on research and innovation

Conservatives prefer tax cuts to... err... tax cuts (as in, the STUPID GST cut, when most Canadians would have benefited much, MUCH more from an income tax cut)...

Conservatives prefer military spending (given to their friends) vs. childcare spending and foreign aid...

Conservatives prefer sealing borders to "invisible enemies" vs. spending to grow trade with other nations (and Conservatives constantly embarrass us Internationally)...

Conservatives prefer handouts to Big Oil vs. fostering alternative fuel research at local universities, and certainly vs. Global climate change agreements...

There are a few ways to skin a cat... The Conservative way IS, and always has been, to shred government coffers, give tax cuts to people who already benefit from them the most (the rich), and (in effect) shrink the economy.

The Liberal way is to grow the economy by fostering a better educated work force (with free health care, and other benefits); strategically fostering research and development that grows local Canadian businesses; spending to build bridges with foreign lands - which one day will be trading partners; ensuring that a well-trained (with benefits/healthcare) work force attracts foreign investment... etc., etc.

Our "spending" is strategic - and focused on growing Canada's ability to thrive in the world. We are not looking to "the past", not sitting idle, depending on the US of A for all our trade (remember the Team Canada Trade Missions and all the trade they fostered?). Liberal spending comes back to government coffers. We GROW the economy, and we create more jobs. More jobs mean a bigger tax base and a healthier government and NATION.

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