Wednesday, June 03, 2009

CTV - Can We See The Video Footage From The Green Room Please?

Heard some pretty lame excuses for incompetence from the governing (loose definition) Conservatives.  

Loved hearing some Reform-a-Tory hack comment on a blog that "$hit happens".  Yeah, right...

$h!& doesn't just "happen" with people who know the role of a cabinet minister. Briefing docs are critical. MPs who know Parliamentary protocol, diplomatic protocols, and general job confidentiality protocols would know better. Too bad Harper's "team" has very few "experts" in any field. He couldn't, because they would be "elitist intellectuals" living in "ivory towers", and we know how much grassroots Conservatives hate those people. When was the last time a Liberal MP in government, let alone a Cabinet Minister did this? How about NEVER. This has shades of the old Reform Party turned Alliance, turned Conservative, who thought they'd go to Ottawa and get rid of all the so-called "pork". When they got there, they began to understand that all those "bureaucrats" actually work damned hard for a living, that there is a purpose to Stornaway and 24 Sussex, and many of our important institutions... This situation is just the natural progression. Provincial types learning the hard way that things actually DO work in the big city just fine, and that there are millions of people who think so.

Obviously Raitt lost the papers. I'm sure there is a camera in the Green Room - there always is. Of course the "friends" at CTV probably have removed any damaging evidence, but this thing could be resolved quite easily.

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Anonymous said...

There is a photo of Lisa Raitt and her assistant LEAVING the news conference building.
The aide is carrying the binder.

Ms. Raitt is not carrying any documents.

WesternGrit said...

The green room camera would have footage of the occurrence. Doesn't matter who was carrying what on the way out.

If I'm a Minister, and I'm carrying "top secret" docs - or even if someone in my party is, and the docs are the main info that I'll be discussing in my meeting... then, I think I'd be asking where they were - as we get up to leave. May just be my way of doing things... but it's silly if she has no clue where the most important document of her day is - really the most important document pertaining to what she was doing during that particular 1/2hr.