Monday, June 01, 2009

When Polls Attack!

(And for you ultra-right wing Conservative racist-types out there, I said "polls", not "Poles", so don't go reliving your 1939 fantasies).

Perhaps we should title this "Dawn of the Attack Polls"???

Canadian Rosebud indicates the Federal Conservatives are busily running attack spam phone blitzes crudely disguised as "telephone polls"...

We may want to be using a company like Vincero, or First Contact to get our own "unbiased but heavily biased" poll out... These things don't cost very much (not necessarily), and can have a nice "PR effect", if questions are worded "correctly":

1) Stephen Harper lied about Canada's national deficit. Knowing this, are you more or less likely to vote for the Conservatives?

2) (In more ethnically diverse ridings) The Federal Conservatives believe that people who have lived or worked outside of Canada are somewhat less Canadian. Knowing this fact, are you more or less likely to vote Liberal?

3) Stephen Harper eats kittens. Knowing this fact, are you more or less likely to vote for the Western Canada Reform-based Conservative Party?

4) (In Surrey and Mississauga/Malton ridings) Conservative MPs think Sikhs are "hotheads who play the "race card". Knowing this fact, are you more or less likely to choose another party in the next federal election?

5) (In bedroom communities with lots of seniors - like Kelowna) Jim Flaherty lied about taxing income trusts. Many of your neighbors lost their life savings thanks to the Federal Conservatives. Knowing this, are you less likely to vote Conservative, not likely to ever vote Conservative again, or willing to donate to another federal party to help end the "Stephen Harper experiment"?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Western Grit. In answer to this telephone poll, There would be a lot of answers I could give which are not even asked but to those that are, here is my answer. I really wish they would poll me so I could give them a piece of my mind.

1) No way or ever
3)Not on your life. They were in BC and were drove off. A party with no substance, crooked to boot and just plain dicusting.

4) After all that I said to the previos questions, read my lips anyone other than the Reform/Con party
5) Note likely to vote for the Reform/Co party at all everso just take a hike