Friday, June 05, 2009

Dhalla - Vindicated - Kenney Should Resign

I said it all along.  Ruby Dhalla was the VICTIM of a drive-by political smear orchestrated by the office of Jason Kenney - by the "Party of Political Drive-by Smears".

Ms. Dhalla deserves and apology from the government, on this "witch-hunt" and "smear campaign".  Kenney was knee-deep in it, while remaining (publicly, at least) out of the fray.

Jason Kenney should resign.

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Big Winnie said...

And of course, this comes out on a Friday so that the opposition can't grill Kenney.

I also found this article about the committee ruling:

If the committee is recommending an investigation into the Dhalla case, I would want them to also investigate all families that these 2 careworkers worked for. Moreover, there should also be an investigation into whether there was undue influence put on them by Kenney.