Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Conservative "Plan" To Kill Deficit... Lol...

Interesting read over at Tory Tattler today...

Of COURSE the Conservatives have a plan to kill the deficit... It's not "structural"... It's not "long-term"... Blah, blah, blah... We'll be "back on projected targets" soon... blah...love kittens... blah... blue sweater... blah, blah, blah...

Here's the plan... It's very simple, and has worked well for Conservative Canadian governments for decades:

1) Lose election to Liberals

2) Watch a brilliant member of the "elite intellectual bunch" (the Liberal PM - ANY Liberal PM) and an equally brilliant Liberal Finance Minister kill the deficit.

3) Of course cutting the deficit, and tackling the national debt will require program cuts, and potential tax increases. The very simple (elementary school economics - which somehow neither Flaherty or Harper GET) reason is that government revenues have to increase in order to pay the debt. This will mean some groups will be upset with the Liberals (for the cuts). Most cuts will be to "Conservative "pet" ideological causes", but there would have to be cuts to more mainstream, and even "social" causes which would anger some typically Liberal voters - or voters who left the NDP to support the Liberals. After about two terms of cuts, these voters would be significantly "disenfranchised", that they actually my jump to another alternative - back to the NDP, or to the Conservatives.

*This is a long term plan, but given the shape of Harper's leadership in his own party, it is very plausible and reflects past events and past Conservative governments.

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