Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Anyone See The Size Of Schreiber's Harper File? Is Mr. Harper Lying?

This morning I watched in awe as Mr. Schreiber handed the committee a large (3"?) binder containing his correspondence with a certain Mr. Stephen Harper - who happens to reside at 24 Sussex Dr.

As with any Canadian with even a shred of intelligence, I find it VERY hard to believe that one piece of stationary did not find it's way to the PMO, considering it would have been delivered there. It is totally unbelievable that Mr. Harper was not at least AWARE of the letters via updates from staffers. I've been around political circles long enough to know that staffers will always update MPs, Ministers, and PMs on any matters of urgency, matters which may cause ... eh... "problems", and persistent writers. We know that Mr. Schrieber contacted Harper's office repeatedly.

For Mr. Harper to stand up in Parliament and state that he knew nothing of this, is blatantly false. He - at the very least - knew that his office was receiving letters, and his staffers would have updated him on details - even if he never opened the mail himself. If his staffers (all loyal Conservative hacks) did not apprise Mr. Harper of the details, then there is a Conservative cover-up of this affair. It's that simple. Harper either lied - or his "Team Conservative" is busy covering up his involvement (or protecting him from involvement). Either way it's a Conservative scandal.

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