Monday, December 17, 2007

Harpo-Mularkey Image of the Day...

Harpo: "Not now, Brian. Get your hand out of my hip pocket."
Mularkey: "Remember our meeting with Boeing grasshopper? Gordie O worked hard to arrange that. Aren't those transports just what we needed?".
Both Laugh Vigorously...
Harpo: "How could I forget? George whispered it in my ear when we got up this morning".
Mularkey: "Does George do that funny thing with his hip like my Cowboy Ronnie used to do?"
Harpo: "Ever wonder why Georgie's bow-legged?"
Both: "Snicker, snicker..."
Mularkey: "I had to sleep with Maggie to try to score those Harriers... Never did materialize"
Harpo: "Ain't workin' Maggie's farm no more... (snicker, snicker)? I guess that beats being a target for the Godfather (Cheney) when I went to ask for them to recognize us as friends last year..."
Mularkey: "Yeah, I had to pull buckshot outta my backside for a year after I met him in the 80s. Why are you Reformer-types so high on guns again? We almost banned them in the 80s"
Harpo: "Brian! Gun's are our God-given right. You can't take away our guns. Outta our cold dead hands Brian!"
Mularkey: "Temper, temper. What did I tell you about hiding that temper in public? Every time you throw a tanturn you lose poll points".
Harpo: "Those polls are great, aren't they? We're trying to hide the cost, but that stupid report came out..."
Mularkey: "Don't worry. You'll be at least 2 yrs out of gov't before the media decides to tackle you over that one. Ask me... or better yet, lil' Kimmy."
Harpo: "She really took the fall for you guys, didn't she? I still laugh when I think of that... 2 seats... LOL".
Mularkey: "Hey! Show some respect Shrub. Without my 'populist rush' plan, you guys wouldn't have a sniff in Quebec. We know how your Reform buddies sponsored all those anti-Quebec bumper stickers in the 80s and 90s"
Harpo: "Yeah... I had one. 'No to C68, No to Wheat Board, No to Quebec' Looked good on my Suburban..."

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