Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When You Send A Bonehead To Do A Statesman's Job

So Peter MacKay gets shipped off to Afghanistan to lay on some classic conservative military patronizing - and keep him from commenting on Schreiber-Mulroney-Harper-MacKay-gate. So what does "el-dorko" (he of the inappropriate comments about a certain lady from down South) do? He decides he should spout off about Iran backing the Taliban with supplies.

There are a few serious problems with this: You don't come out to give a message of peace and support to the troops, and use the time as a platform for your own political gain (the cons LOVE to pretend the military is their baby - even though we know Pierre Trudeau spent more on defense than they do); You don't use such an occasion to take random potshots at another sovereign state - without the appropriate diplomacy and evidence; Looking like some imbeciles simply carting in the standard US messaging has never been Canada's place - we've always been more objective, and it allowed us (even being a NATO and Commonwealth member) to be respected for our opinions. Joining in blindly with the "you're with us, or you're 'agin' us" mentality is a sure-fire way to get hated really fast.

There are ways to approach a nation which could explode at any time - and being the schoolyard bully is not it. Someone will step up and be the peace-broker in this region. Unfortunately, a nation that is shamelessly aligning itself with one of the aggressor sides is not going to be that broker. A nation like Sweden is more likely.

I hope fellow Canadians are starting to realize what a shameful mockery these Conservatives are making of Canada's proud international reputation.


Johnathon said...

What a rhetorical, garbage post.

What else can you expect from a left wing spin doctor.

Why did Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and now Dion not visit the troops?

That must be because they were TRUE leaders.

What a joke.

Dante said...

even though we know Pierre Trudeau spent more on defense than they do

You think? So how much did "Trudeau" spend on the military?

WesternGrit said...

Wow! Seems like I touched a nerve here... One over on the "extremities".

Firstly, how the heck anyone can construe this as a "right/left" thing is beyond me... (Johnathon)?

Secondly - posing in front of the troops doesn't make one a "leader". One need only look at our neighbors to the South (see Bush, Nixon, LBJ, etc.). Sure it's a good soundbite and video clip. Great PR. Now lead.

For the record, I'm a bit of a military historian. Have been infatuated with studying the World Wars since a young age, and have many family members in the forces. I have a lot of respect for the forces and our men and women in uniform.

As far as where I stand... For someone on the extreme right of the Canadian spectrum (you), I'm glad I'm to the "left" of you. Probably another 60% of Canadians would call me "right". Go figure - I'm a "centrist". A die-hard "centrist". Get used to it - there are a lot of us around.

I post to promote a free and open debate - partaken in a positive manner. Feel free to disagree. Just do it nicely. You'll notice I published your retort. I respect differing opinions - unlike extremists on either end of the spectrum.

Dante: Read further through my past posts. I believe there is a link with all the figures. Knock yourself out.

Thanks for the comments folks. Thanks for stopping by.