Monday, December 03, 2007

Kudos To Australia! Fresh Thinking Pushes Aside Big Oil Conservatism

In what is most likely to be a HUGE embarrassment to Conservative big-oil backers everywhere, the newly elected Australian PM, Kevin Rudd, pushed forward with his first major policy initiative today - ratifying Kyoto.

Like the podium in front of Mr. Rudd says, "Fresh Thinking". Fresh, as in the opposite of "conservative"...

Take that Shrub & Bush! Your Big Oil masters must be shaking in their boots...


Johnathon said...

What are you stretching the truth?

Kevin Rudd said he will not ratify the new KYOTO unless all MAJOR POLLUTERS are included.


Why are you spinning the truth?

WesternGrit said...

Err... Not sure where you get your info from "johnathon" - Bourque maybe? Or... perhaps FOXTV News? Here's reality from ABC News:

Federal Climate Change Minister Penny Wong says Australia's decision to ratify the Kyoto Protocol puts the nation back on the map in the fight against climate change.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd yesterday signed the instrument of ratification of the Protocol in the first official act of his new Government.

Australia will now become a full member of the Kyoto Protocol early next year.

During the United Nations Climate Change (UNCC) conference in Bali, delegates broke into spontaneous applause when news of Australia's decision was announced yesterday.

Some delegates of the 12-day conference gave the Australian delegation a standing ovation.

Senator Wong says the decision sets Australia up for a leadership role at the conference.

"Ratifying the Kyoto Protocol puts Australia back on the map," she said.

"The world now knows that this nation is prepared to do its bit and be part of the global solution to climate change. This gives us an impetus to go into the Bali conference to set that leadership role.

"The purpose of the Bali conference is to set out the road map for what happens post the Kyoto period.

"We want to ensure that what we agree in Bali gives Australia and the world the best chance to moving towards a solution on climate change."

Mr Rudd, Senator Wong, Environment Minister Peter Garrett and Treasurer Wayne Swan are preparing to go to the Bali summit next week.

WesternGrit said...

Oh... and here's the link - right from the Australian source:

Johnathon said...

I wasn't talking about the current KYOTO accord.

I was talking about the post 2012 accord.

He is on the record saying that HE WILL NOT sign any agreement unless all major emitters are included.

Google it, you will see the truth.

So, right now he signed Kyoto, but in 2012 he will NOT sign any agreement unless CHINA , INDIA and the USA are on board.

Now do you understand what I meant.

WesternGrit said...

Well John, we are all talking about "this, current" Kyoto Accord, and not what comes in 2012 - although we know some Cons would love to just scrap any attempts to clean up the environment until they're out of government.

I think this statement couldn't be any clearer: "Australia will now become a full member of the Kyoto Protocol early next year." Trying to say you were referring to the next iteration of Kyoto for 2012 is just grasping at straws. The big debate around the world (actually just the rest of the world vs. the US, China, India, and Canadian Cons), is about everyone following through with the original agreement.

To sit back and say we'll do nothing because the process is "flawed" (only in industrialist conservative opinions), is a crime against humanity and the earth. If I was fighting a forest fire, and I only had access to crews on the ground cutting fire-breaks, it wouldn't be prudent to sit around and wait for a water-bomber.

The first step to progress is to agree to a path/target. The Liberal gov't of Mr. Cretien did this. The next step is implementation of a plan of action. This is something Mr. Cretien's gov't was fighting to balance with debt reduction (which they did an incredible job on). Mr. Harper's Conservatives refuse to do either... and we know why: Too many ties to big oil in Alberta and elsewhere, and too much influence from the bushies down South.