Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Turkish Bombs Good For Kurds? Saddam's Bombs Bad?

Yes... a preposterous headline. Yet, it seems this is what the American-block would like the world to think about the plight of Kurdistan. If it's an American enemy bombing the Kurds, then it's "deplorable" and a "crime against humanity", BUT if it's an American ally...

Let's see:

Saddam I (Pre-Kuwait): "Good Saddam" (hugs for Rumsfeld, etc.). Go ahead and bomb the Kurds Saddam - we'll even provide the bombs and helicopters.
Saddam II (Post Kuwait): "Bad Saddam". Saddam is the anti-Christ. He is an evil dictator, and he'll pay for these crimes.
Iran (under the Shaw): Kurds? What Kurds?
Iran (under the mullahs): The plight of the Kurdish people is of the utmost importance to the American people.
Turkey (NATO member state): Bombs away! We don't see you. The Kurds being bombed are "terrorists" conspiring to destabilize Iraq and the whole region.

Sometimes the overt geo-political hypocrisy is so obvious it's a wonder "Joe Public" doesn't just see right through it. It seems the days of competent, concerned leaders - who actually cared about the plight of the weak and suffering - are gone. No more great statesmen in the world anymore. You can't speak out on an issue without being colored a color (left, right, capitalist, socialist, terrorist fighter, terrorist supporter, God-fearing, atheist, etc.).

The world needs more true statesmen... not empty-headed ideologues who only care for themselves, their corporate/industrial backers, or their marriage to some oblique philosophy which doesn't work in today's world. We need brave leaders not afraid to speak out against the status quo.


Stephen said...

Where is Michael Ignatieff, champion of the Kurds?

WesternGrit said...

There really hasn't been an honest "champion of the Kurds" - ever. My point - we need to promote leaders who want to help the underprivileged and weak, as much as they want to help themselves, or their corporate overlords.

Mr. Ignatieff spoke in favor of several downtrodden peoples. That's a start (not necessarily a good start, but a start at any rate). Few others have risen to the challenge. I'm sure Mr. Ignatieff still holds his views of the Kurds. After all he spent months living amongst them - during conflict situations.

I think people in Ottawa are currently more focused on Mulro-Harp-Schreiber-gate, than on any world issues. When an international issue does come up, it seems to be the environment (one where we can pick up considerable political real estate). Anyone who's spent time on the Hill when it's not QP will notice that other topics do get discussed in Ottawa. I was there for the fall of Mr. Martin's gov't, and I recall an afternoon filled with hours of other issues - none of which received media attention. It is possible for an MP to speak on an issue, yet the media covers what will sell more papers...