Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NDP - The "No Damn-use Party": Masters of The Witch Hunt? I Guess Not...

So now NDP MPs are falling over each other to get some of the spotlight that fellow brethren, Pat Martin is getting... Hmmm... Where do they start? How about accuse a Con MP of looking at pictures of his girlfriend. Now, being someone who's worked in the corporate/business world for quite a few years, I would say it is entirely inappropriate to be looking at anything like that in a workplace - no matter whom it comes from - let alone in our nation's Parliament. So, while their heart's were in the right place, their tactics were all wrong. I do stand behind the member's offense taken at having to see the images while at work. Pictures of scantily clad women - or men - are unacceptable in the workplace. I'm thinking that the MP was trying to openly display his lack of interest in the debate that was going on. He chose the wrong way of displaying it. The NDP MP should have made a better case about inappropriate images in the workplace... She failed to do so, and ended up apologizing to Parliament.

Next case: NDP candidate in Abbottsford, BC accuses Liberal candidate of trying to buy him out of running. Allegations turn out to be false, but the Liberal candidate's reputation is tarnished, and so are his chances of being elected. Just goes to show, you need to get your facts straight before randomly accusing people of things. In this case there should be more than just an apology from the NDP to the former Liberal candidate... They should be apologizing to the people of the riding. We also should be looking into what role the former NDP candidate is playing in the party. Is he still in the position to influence voters? To campaign and disseminate campaign information?

NDP marching orders must be something like: "Let's pretend we're the non-corrupt ones, while we accuse the other guys of being dishonest and sleazy... Use any means at your disposal... All we need to do is sling a lot of mud and maybe we can finish 3rd in the next election."

Men of substance - like Tommy Douglas - must be rolling over in their graves. Where is the NDP of the 60s and 70s - the party that used to focus on issues that mattered to average, working class Canadians?

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