Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dinosaurs: Big Oil Stooges, Or Do They Really Believe This Stuff?

For years the Canadian Conservative Movement (backed by Big Oil) has shouted down Kyoto. With help from their big media supporters the Cons were able to make substantial noise about "the science" they didn't agree with, to create some public doubt - especially in Alberta. After creating enough noise and blockages in Parliament (while in opposition), they proceeded to turn around (once elected as "Canada's New Gov't.) and blame the Liberals - who ratified Kyoto (signing on to an international agreement) for "inaction". That's like the bully who kept the school kid from coming in from recess, then pointing out to the teacher that "he was late".

Luckily most Canadians support Kyoto, and feel strongly about our environment.

Now, in a new - most likely American-inspired - effort to appease Big Oil, the "Reform-a-Tory" bullies are trying to "disrupt class" by being the most vocal opponent of reasonable attempts to stop climate change. Once again being shills for Big Oil, the "Reform-a-Tory" bullies are loudly screaming out their opposition to Kyoto, or anything Kyoto-like, instead pushing for the useless shell-game efforts the US and Australia also support. Do nothing, rather than anything that might hurt the deep pockets of Big Oil.

Looking at the "Reform-a-Tory's" "evolution" (devolution?) from Federal PCs, to Reformers, to Reformers who destroyed and took over the last vestiges of "progressive" on the right, one wonders if they are just happy to be on the corporate payroll (via political support and future jobs), or are they really dull enough to believe what 2.13% of oil-company sponsored scientists say?

We always knew Conservatives were heavy on the corporate cheer-leading, but could it be that they really believe this stuff? Being a former resident of Alberta, and knowing a lot of conservatives personally (yeah, I'll admit it - they were nice when we were talking sports - except for their unnatural hatred for Toronto-based sports teams), I'll have to say "yeah" a lot of these guys actually do believe it. Cerebral, intellectual Liberals scratch our collective noggins when we attempt to fathom the victory of "pop culture/pop science" over real science. Being someone who has a science background - right up to grad school - I find it easy to read and understand "the science" (I hate when they call it that) of Kyoto. Perhaps a lot of the loudest, angriest (don't know why they're still angry - they've been in power for 2yrs now) conservatives just don't have the aptitude to understand Kyoto, or climate change and global warming. Like the slowest dinosaurs they didn't realize the world was changing around them until it was too late... And, isn't that what we call conservatives that are non-progressive and stuck in their early 20th century ways? Dinosaurs.

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Johnathon said...

The British House of Lords have already proven that the IPCC lied about how it came to its conclusions.

In other words, they use computer models instead of real world observations.

I am waiting for Harper to hold a committee to do just that.

To hold the IPCC bureaucrats to the same level of scrutiny that Schreiber is getting today.

If you really delve into the science you will see that the IPCC is flawed.