Monday, December 03, 2007

More Conservative Scandal

J-P Blackburn - Federal Conservative Labour Minister feels he can tool around the country on taxpayer's dollars. According to Torstar, Blackburn used private jets (no Air Canada for us, no sir!) to travel between his riding and Ottawa, and sent the bill to Canadian taxpayers via the Economic Development Agency of Canada - a department under his responsibility, no less.

According to Torstar Blackburn spent around $68,000 of our tax-paid dollars to shuttle mostly himself - all alone on most flights - on 14 aircraft rentals between April and August - not even a whole year. To put that in perspective a Federal Cabinet Minister generally earns roughly $150,000 per year. To add (from taxpayer's coffers) almost 50% to your salary - in only 5 months - in the way of perks is a crime against taxpayers across the country. Flight records - according to Torstar - indicate JP was the LONE PASSENGER on most of these flights.

Where's the accountability Mr. Harper? Maybe it only matters when Liberals are in government? Don't let the bitter irony bite you on the ass in your search for "accountability".

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