Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is This... What They Call Poetic Justice???

Stevie Harper and the Reform-a-tories fought long to convince moderate Canada that they were really, truly, a united right, and the rebirth of the old Mulroney 'populist rush'. They ceaselessly argued with anyone who tried to say that the right wing Reformers had taken over the old PC/Conservative Party. They even paraded the great Brian Mulroney around during the last election, to help with federalist votes in Quebec. The tireless efforts and millions of dollars spent by the Conservative campaign machine did help them convince enough voters to win a small minority.

Recent revelations in the Mulroney-Schrieber-Harper affair are causing some serious problems with Harper's remade 'Mulroney Coalition'. Mr. Harper would like to extricate himself from the PC/old conservative ties. Unfortunately (for him) his team did too good a job convincing Canadians that Harper's "new" team and the Mulroney team were one and the same. The Conservatives now expect Canadians to separate the two conservative parties in their minds. C'mon. These two are "kissing cousins". They all came from the same conservative beast. If one looks at who works in the backrooms of Ottawa, you'll find a lot of old Mulroney era Tories working under Harper and his MPs.

This scandal didn't require Opposition MPs pointing out links to the Harper PMO - Stephen Harper basically created those links himself. A fate well deserved. Let's hope the mud continues to stick to this idea-less, regressive group of neo-cons.

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