Thursday, December 20, 2007

Partisan Witch Hunt, My @$$

Canada's Conservatives.  How can these guys pretend they're different from the federal PCs of old - when they always WERE federal PCs?

So the Cons want to try to tell the world that the Mulroney-Schreiber-Harper Inquiry is a "partisan witch hunt". Hmmm... I thought (according to Harpies everywhere) Mr. Mulroney was part of a party which ceased to exist a few years ago when they united with the Reform-Alliance? I mean the "new" conservatives keep stating how they are not the same as the "old" conservatives - even though they spent much of the last couple of years trying to convince voters they were just that... a "united right". So now, when the obvious relationship between the two (actually one and the same) is hurtful to the government, they want to distance themselves.

Thing is... they keep saying the Opposition trying to find the truth is a "partisan witch hunt". Which means, as is obvious to all Canadians, they are admitting Mulroney is one of theirs'(as is obvious to all Canadians). Mulroney is a conservative, and so are they. A "united right".

"Conservative MP Russ Hiebert (South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale, B.C.) last week emerged from the committee meeting with Mr. Mulroney and read from a prepared statement, which said further committee hearings into the affair were not necessary because they amounted to a "partisan witch hunt." Mr. Hiebert said the views were his own, not scripted by the PMO, and were written during the committee meeting. But CP reporter Jennifer Ditchburn aptly pointed out that Mr. Hiebert read from computer-printed notes with bullets. (thanks Yappa Ding Ding).

If this is a "partisan witch hunt" as the Conservatives say it is, then it is truly a Conservative scandal - linked to their party and their name.

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RuralSandi said...

You will note - that Harper called himself "Steve" in those days.