Monday, December 03, 2007

Liberal House Leader, Ralph Goodale Visits Surrey

STAR Liberal MP (and former multi-role Cabinet Minister) Ralph Goodale visited Surrey this past Friday to attend Sukh Dhaliwal's annual riding appreciation dinner. The event was very entertaining, and well-attended by a large (several hundred people) and diverse crowd. Several key Lower Mainland Liberals were in attendance. The Grand Taj Banquet Hall put on a good spread - as usual - and the service was exceptional.

Mr. Goodale's speech was well-received, as he shared stories about his involvement in the South Asian Community, the Liberal Party's strong ethnic support, and missed opportunities by the Harper Conservatives. He also touched on the perils of the conservative agenda.

I laud Mr. Goodale on his efforts to spread his message of liberal moderation right across Canada. He has taken considerable time on his weekends to share the Liberal message of progress and nation-building with Canadians who are eagerly searching for an alternative to the angry neo-con government we currently have in place.

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