Friday, November 28, 2008

Conservative Back-down Not Good Enough...

The Conservative "fiscal update" is a joke.  While we have to look into whether Harper just wants to "give up" government while the economy tanks (to let the Lib/NDP government wear it), we need to look into a coalition.  We have people like Ralph Goodale in a potential cabinet (maybe even as leader - he has the presence as House Leader), and other seasoned professionals, who actually understand how Canada's economy works.  

Mr. Goodale would be the best choice in Ottawa to steer Canada out of the fiscal crunch.  As former Sask. Liberal Leader, he was the single person responsible for taking on the Grant Devine Conservatives in their spend happy ways (tax cuts, of course) during the recession of the 80s.  He has always been known as a "steady financial hand".  In Ottawa Mr. Goodale proved his mettle as Finance Minister, ably steering the budgetary waters, keeping a growing contingency fund in hand.  

Ralph Goodale will have to be a key part of any process to bail Canada out of "hawk" now...  before the Harper gang has a giant garage sale, and visits the pawn brokers to boot.  Ralph is a "pit bull" in Parliament, and his presence in Ottawa has been immense these past several years.  He has the best cabinet experience of all Liberals currently sitting in Ottawa.  In this time of economic peril, we need a leader, and a PM who understand intimately EVERY major cabinet role, and the workings of each department.  We do not have the time to watch someone like Harper, or someone from another party, have to learn about government and the various departments.  We need a leader who can step in with a working knowledge of government, of departments, and of the world around them (the WHOLE world, not just the USA).

NO, the Conservative back-down on one minor issue is not enough.  Time for parties with a conscience to step up and govern Canada responsibly.

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