Thursday, November 06, 2008

Vancouver Deserves The Liberal Leadership Convention - Part 3

Vancouver DESERVES the Liberal Leadership Convention...

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Didn't we MAKE money with the last convention? Did the party NOT subsidize flights from remote areas (they did)?

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They make a good point there... Western delegates have paid through the @$$ the past 3 conventions, to fly to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. The party DID subsidize those flights though (and STILL made money on the convention).

I argue this:

We can keep exploiting the same folks in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor (they STILL have to pay convention fees), OR we can grow into a new area, and grow our membership in a metro area (Greater Vancouver) which has close to 3 million voters.

Bringing the convention to the West will grow the party - meaning more donations, more volunteers, and more membership fees. Keeping the convention in the East will mean the same faces, paying into the party, over and over, little growth, and little chance of "new" members becoming delegates.

Time to grow the party!

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