Saturday, November 29, 2008

When Conservatives Attack: Harper's Coming Attack Ads and Attack Dogs...

We all knew the conservative "shocktroops" would be out in number this next week lying to the public - as usual. That's the whole reason we have this one week blockage of Opposition Days by the Harpocrites. Harper's only political policy is all-out blitzkreig. This is why he is not a diplomat, and his party reflects this. He is an angry little man, with passive aggressive tendencies.

I Support The Liberal Victory Fund

So the lame-duck PM's Chief of Staff has sent a letter to the bloggers, talk-show callers, and other minions - including MPs - to start the rhetoric. Ads will be coming. 10%ers? Of course. Why not continue to use tax-payer funds for partisan use Steve? You're going to get investigated anyway. Might as well go for the gusto, you f@cking piece of $hit (yeah, that's the nicest words we can find for Harper, after what he and Deficit Jim have done to the surplus - and the way they gave the finger to Canadians in need).

Remember, Steve, what happens to pieces of $hit... You all invariably get flushed down the toilet. Go ahead. Sic your dogs on the public. Lie, lie, lie, and lie some more. It's you. You're THAT GUY.

I Support The Liberal Victory Fund

Harper calls the opposition parties - who are using pure Parliamentary procedure - "undemocratic". Speaking of undemocratic, Harper wants to kill opposition. How "undemocratic" is that? I sense another person with a 6 letter last name starting with "H" coming on... Harper is the one trying to make Canada a totalitarian dictatorship. Who else runs a country in minority (when he does not have the support of 2/3s of it) like a majority? Who else tries to put in place measures which would effectively end opposition?

Are Conservative members (especially the trolls on this blog - but others too) really so stupid that they don't understand that even their great heroes in the USA have a fully funded primary system, which is paid for by tax-payers? That's right... All the battles you watched between Clinton and Obama, and the Repugs were tax-payer paid. And they will continue to be.

Meanwhile Liberal fundraisers are collecting record amounts...

I Support The Liberal Victory Fund

Thank's to Sinestra for posting this letter/email from Guy DiGiourno...

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