Friday, November 07, 2008

Vancouver Deserves The Liberal Leadership Convention - Nat Exec Decides Tomorrow!

Vancouver deserves the Liberal leadership convention! Join our Facebook group!

The national executive of the LPofC will decide on this matter tomorrow. If the party is really open to making "change we can believe it" (to coin a somewhat popular saying from South of the border), they'll decide to help grow our party in the one region in Canada that could help us win the next election.

We are NOT in full retreat. We are NOT going to back down from Harper in Parliament, and we're NOT going to cower in some urban corner in Metro Toronto while Harper takes apart the country around us.

We are proud Liberals.

We are strong Liberals.

We are capable Liberals.

"Yes we can" establish a beachhead in the West.

"Yes we can" grow our support and our seats in the West.

This Saturday our party needs to make a decision between retreat and advance - between growth and stagnation - between new ideas and old. We hope they decide in favor of progress.

Vancouver Deserves The Liberal Leadership Convention - Join the Facebook Group Today!

ps: Pardon the "liberal" use of Obama catch phrases...

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