Thursday, November 06, 2008

Vancouver Deserves The Liberal Leadership Convention - Join the Facebook Group

This weekend the LPC executive is going to decide where the Leadership Convention will be. Let's ensure this decision is made to the benefit of all Liberals - and all Canadians - by growing our proud party.

Liberals across the country need to stand up and support a Liberal Leadership Convention in a region OUTSIDE of the Metro Toronto - Ottawa - Montreal corridor. We Liberals need to stop this ridiculous "siege mentality" which is locking us up in that region. We are a truly national party with members and MPs from all regions. By locking ourselves up in Central Canada, we will become what everyone is saying we are: a party of urban central Canada. We need to take a lesson from the Obama campaign - start working the area the other guys call "their own back-yard".

Vancouver has a convention planned and booked. Vancouver is a beautiful, scenic city on the West Coast, with a liberal population, which would respond well to a strong Liberal presence during a convention. If the Liberal Party is to grow anywhere outside of urban Southern Ontario, we need to show the rest of Canada "we're here" (and here, and there, and over there too...).

We MUST hold the federal Liberal Leadership Convention in Vancouver in May of 2009!

Join this new Facebook group today, and show your support for a Vancouver Convention!

"Vancouver Deserves The Liberal Leadership Convention".

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The Mound of Sound said...

It would be catastrophic to Liberal fortunes in the West if they pulled the convention from Vancouver, utterly catastrophic. If this party is serious about renewal it needs to come to grips with its dismal presence in Western Canada.