Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ruby Dhalla... Say Yes. Please!

As a Liberal blogger who values an inclusive and non-genderically-challenged Liberal Party, I urge Ruby Dhalla to join the leadership race. Ruby's presence would add something that is missing from the race (insert your choice of adjective here: a woman, a minority MP, a young female, a young intellectual female with "retail politician skills").

Ms. Dhalla is an extremely talented MP, and has been a very strong presence for the Liberal Team in Ottawa. She is politically skilled, quick on her feet, able to take on the Reformers (whoops, I mean Cons) step for step.

She would be a very welcome addition to the leadership race, and would bring with her a charm and grace that only Ruby Dhalla can bring.

C'mon Ruby! Give it a chance!


Anonymous said...

she is a chiropracter...intellectual?

outfromhere said...

"intellectual" ??? you obviously have not had to sit in the same room with her for more than ten minutes.

Crash said...

I definately think Ruby should run for liberal leadership. She already made history by being elected the youngest MP, and the first Sikh woman. She would represent great change for the Liberal Party and would represent youth, women and minoriites. She can lead the Liberal party in the right direction and is something she should consider