Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why We MUST Go Now...

It is imperative we go now. There are several reasons:

1) We need to save Canadians from punitive measures being taken by the Conservatives - which would only benefit the top 5% of Canadians who own 95% of the property in Canada

2) We need to save Parliament from the childish shennanigans of $hithead #1 and his evil henchmen

3) The economy needs a "steady hand" from experienced fiscal managers - this is the Liberal Party. We were the party who saved Canada from Mulroney's record deficits. We won't let another Conservative bury Canada - especially one who so openly hates Canada and all it's institutions that he has put it down on paper and given talks to foreign political groups on the subject

4) Canadians have HAD ENOUGH

5) And finally,the leadership race will be about electing the NEXT PM, which will mean we will sell a LOT more memberships - including Canadians outside the party, who want a say in who the leader will be.

This will be HUGE for fund-raising. HUGE.

Let's pull the plug on Harper and his Henchmen, and watch our party coffers grow...

I Support The Liberal Victory Fund

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Doug Fraser said...


There should be no turning back when the future is so bright and when turning back literally returns Canada to the hole the Harper government is digging for us.

Seize the opportunity - do what the vast majority of Canadians tried to do a short time ago - turf Harper and give us a working and compassionate government built on concensus and reason.


Ashley_Wilkes-Booth said...

6) Harper and Hitler both have six letters in their surnames, which both begin with an H.

Anonymous said...

You parasites fell into the trap, suck on this you losers.

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Steve! :)