Saturday, November 29, 2008

Poilievre Calls NDP "Socialists" - Shades of McCain/Palin?

So Today, Conservative $hithead #4 (Pierre Poilievre) is busy calling the NDP "socialists". Hmmm... What DIDN'T the Conservatives take from the "Repug"lican playbook? I'm sure there are a lot of unemployed "repugs" up here helping them out... (as they have in the past).

$hithead #4 also called the Bloc "separatists"? For months the Conservatives haven't used that word. In an affront to Quebecers, they've been playing nice to sovereignists (yes, that would be the correct term), in an attempt to buy votes in that province. My how times have changed. I think they gave up on Quebec all-together after the last election. Somewhere around the time that the attack on the arts blew up in $hithead #1's face.

In case you're not familiar with the $hitheads, here they are:

1) $hithead #1 - Harper

2) $hithead #2 - Flaherty

3) $hithead #3 - Baird

4) $hithead #4 - Poilievre

Feel free to continue down the list of Conservative MPs. Don't forget Rob Anders.

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IslandLiberal said...

Well, the NDP kind of are socialists.

It's just that socialism in the form they practice isn't he boogeyman that Mr. Harper et al. would like it to be.

Aaron Ginsberg said...

Yeah, the NDP are socialists. They so in their constitution... that's why you can't find their constitution online. Scott Ross did a thing on this a while back:

Just because Jack Layton thinks he's Barack Obama doesn't mean their political philosophy is at all similar.

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

I don't know, Poilievre only 4th? This is a list we could debate forever. I think Poilievre is worse than Baird, but only because stupider so less able to mask himself. Does Baird's cunning make him more of a $hit or less? Tough call. I'd go Harper, Poilievre, Baird, to start. Anders is just mad, & awful as some of his positions have been, on other hand have to give credit for unrelenting defence of Tibet. Gets at least important thing right.

WesternGrit said...

It's not about their being "socialist" or not... It's just cute to watch their playbook unfold - play by play - from directly South of the border. Oh, if only Canucks were all as detailed political watchers as a lot of us...

As far as the $hithead list, I agree that "Little Peepee" Pierre could be ahead of Baird. It's just that when Baird shows his contempt for Parliament by foaming at the mouth...

DeanC said...

Who cares?
Socialist is only a dirty word in the U.S. Medicare is socialized medicine and Canadians are in agreement in a large majority that medicare is a good thing. That makes us a socialist coutry.

WesternGrit said...

Dean: I agree with you. Believe me. We need much more in the public sector - and stop privatizing everything. The two countries who are trouncing the world right now (economically) - India and China - began with strongly socialist principles. Most of Europe the same. They maintain their state funded education and training because those states understand what the important things are for the state to operate...

We are a "social democratic" country. I'm just comparing how the $hitheads are copying the Republican way.

Lib from Ottawa said...

As a liberal living in Ottawa I couldn't agree more.

2 of these guys are Ottawa MPs and they annoy the shit out of me with their full blast propaganda.

They've no shame spewing the obvious lies tape their party leader fed them.