Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leadership Camps - Go Find A GK Supporter To Hug ... And Hold Onto...

Today, Gerard Kennedy indicated he is not going to run for the leadership this time around. The leadership contest loses something important. Hopefully it can be gained back with the engagement and valiant efforts of the other contenders.

Time for some sage advice to supporters of anyone else hoping to be leader: Go find all your gK-supporting buddies, and give them a big hug. Then... er... don't let them go. Hug them all the way to Vancouver. Be nice to your gK friends. I know I've already adopted a couple. I'll be finding them free places to stay in Vancouver. It's all about the intra-party love, isn't it? My gK buddies will not have to worry about meals, or beds, as long as they are out here in Lotusland. Did I mention my well-stocked bar?

Kennedy fans - with your young, supple Liberal... minds... over here... We got some "huggin'" to do...

Seriously though, Gerard did very well in BC, Alberta, and most of the West. It would be very wise of the various leadership teams to get to know their favorite Kennedy supporters.

Hurry though... Time is running out.

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Anonymous said...

A little over dramatic here wouldn't you say?