Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maybe Harper Doesn't Want To Be PM Right Now?

Just a Thought...

Harper and Flaherty know some dark stuff about our fiscal balance sheets... Maybe we have NO MONEY for bailouts? Maybe he's decided to "stand down" and let someone else "wear" the economic situation?

Perhaps the "situation" is far, far, far worse than Canadians have been led to believe by Harper and his gang? Maybe he WANTS to get defeated, then work at defeating a broke and "fundless" government?

Just a thought...

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wilson said...

There is no money for bailouts.
That would require deficit spending.

But there is money for the coming tax cuts and $6B infrastructure spending in 2009.
Flahrety announced cost savings today, with out these budget cuts, we are looking at a $6billion deficit.
The first 3 months of 2009 we are in a technical recession, won't be by fiscal year end.
It's not all that scary.

Libforlife said...

The problem with the cons leaving government (for the cons that is) is the books would have to be fully opened for all to see. Remember what happened the last time Jim Flaherty was ousted from the position of a finance minister? They would not see power for a very, very long time. Come to think of it I don’t see much of a problem with that.

The Grumpy Voter said...

I'm surprised nobody in the media has picked up on this prospect. Harper is going to wear the blame for an economic downturn the longer he stays in office. But if the Liberals or a Lib/Dip coalition suddenly become the government..... well....

penlan said...

I had exactly the same thought myself yesterday & still do to some extent.

Let someone else deal with the economic crisis because that always makes whoever is "governing" look terrible. Then in the next election Harper can "win" his majority. I wouldn't put it past the sleazebag to do it.

WesternGrit said...

I guess on the bright side, I think we have a team that can capably work through this crisis - which may be a year or two long. In the mean time Canadians will be happy with the re-building of their safety nets... Maybe even a national daycare program (for real), and fully paid university education (which would put teachers to work, fill colleges, and increase the skills of our work force).

I do worry about wearing a recession, but I am hoping this issue is so big, that the Cons' media feedback is all about how they had no financial plan (just like the media is saying now). No stimulus and NO PLAN FOR CANADIANS. Also, when we open the Flaherty books... Look out! Deficit baby. We also will see the Conservative scandals being brought to investigation.

Yes, we will have nice public committee investigations of:
- Cadscam
- Election Financing "irregularities" by Harper and crew
- The Foreign Affairs debacles
- Etc., etc., etc.

Oh... we're in for a good run! I can't believe the parties couldn't get together before...

I know the Cons will call it a "union with separatists", but the Bloc has simply been a "pro-Quebec" party in recent years, and not separatist or sovereignist in anything but word alone. They are a liberal-minded party, which would bring positive change to Canada. They may even like it!

The other thing is, bringing the Bloc into a Canadian Government really diminishes their whole raison de' terre (spelling? Sorry, horrible Francais). We will see a lot of positives from this.